Certificate and Higher Certificate in Genealogy

Certificate in Genealogy

This level of assessment is available to anyone who has learnt the basic principles of genealogical research or who has begun the study of his or her family history. Level C and Certificate examinations will each have a test of two hours' duration, and besides questions similar to those of levels A and B (based, however, on the appropriate larger proportion of the syllabus) some elementary skills in palæography will be examined. Candidates will be expected to show evidence of a more detailed knowledge of the genealogical uses made of sources and to express this knowledge in one or two paragraphs. A short essay demonstrating the ability to link the various genealogical sources to describe an ordered programme of research into the investigation of a given problem is expected.

Higher Certificate in Genealogy

The Higher Certificate level of assessment is a public examination open to all. Candidates may have completed the Correspondence course in Genealogy (which prepares students for this examination) or have obtained their expertise through experience as well as other formal tuition. Candidates do not have to have submitted themselves for examination at the Certificate level. The Higher Certificate in Genealogy is required for a candidate to proceed to higher professional qualifications.

A basic understanding of social and economic history at local and national levels, historical geography and demography will be required. Students should have a good knowledge of the main record repositories and principal record sources, and should have developed a sound technique in genealogical research. At this stage, the student must be capable of accurate extraction of data from original documentation covering a wide range of record sources. This will require a knowledge of palĉographical hands as well as basic Latin as found in record sources, and the ability to read documents quickly and accurately to abstract the relevant material.

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