Latest Acquisitions 2002

December 2002

A Distant Prospect. Glimpses of an Itinerant Boyhood. C Jacob (Jacob Private Press 2002)
Artisans, Peasants and Proletarians 1760-1860. C Emsley and J Walvin (Croom Helm 1995)
Kinship and Capitalism. Marriage, Family and Business in the English Speaking World 1580-1740. R Grassby (CUP 2001)

Kent Parish Registers Volume 2 (Kent FHS 2002) CD

City of London Burial Index Part 3 (mf)

1891 Census Index. East Surrey FHS MF
East Grinstead RD Vol 12.1
Wandsworth RD East Battersea Vol 4
Kingston RD Vol 10.2

More English Adventurers and Emigrants 1625-1777. P.W. Coldham (Genealogical Publishing C0 2002)

November 2002

British Archives. Ed J Foster and J Sheppard (Palgrave 2002)
Church Court Records. A Tanner (Phillimore 1995)
Proceedings of the Huguenot Society Vol XXVI No 4 Huguenot Watchmakers In London 1600-1750. (Huguenot Society 1996)

1851 Census Index Vol13.3 Philleigh, Gerrans, St. Anthony in Roseland, St Just In (R Woodbine 2002)

Gloucestershire Record Series Volume 15. A Calendar of the Registers of the Priory of Llanthony by Gloucester 1457-1466, 1501-1525. J Rhodes (Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 2002)

1851 Census Index. Rothbury and Elsdon (Northumberland and Durham FHS) MF

Clock and Watch Makers of Aberdeen and North East Scotland 1453-1900. D Whyte
(Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS 2002)

1861 Census (Glamorgan FHS) MF
Bridgend, Llantrisant
Neath RD

October 2002

Chancery Equity Records and Proceedings 1600-1800. H Horwitz (PRO 1998)
Exchequer Equity Records and Proceedings 1649-1841. H Horwitz. (PRO 2001)
The Oxford Guide to Family History. D Hey (OUP 2002)
The Oxford Names Companion. P Hanks, F Hodges, A D Mills and a Room (OUP 2002)

National Index of Parish Registers 8.6 Dorset (SOG 2002)

Liverpool and SW Lancs FHS MF
1841 Census Liverpool
Vol 3 Aintree, Gt Crosby, Little Crosby, Ince Blundell, Litherland, Lunt, Sefton, Orrell,
Ford, Thornton and Netherton
Vol 4 Bootle-Cum-Linacre, Everton
Vol 20 Mount Pleasant
Vol 24 St George, St Thomas

Lincolnshire FHS MF
Lincolnshire Burials Lafford Deanery 1813-1900
Lincolnshire Poor Law Index Part 13 Vol 2 Lindsey Quarter Sessions 1801-1820
1901 Census Indexes Grantham, Newark and Louth RD

Hackney 1821 (East Of London FHS 1997)
Hackney Census 1831 (East of London FHS 2000) MF

National Index of Parish Registers 7.3 Norfolk (SOG 2002)

National Index of Parish Registers 5.1 Shropshire (SOG 2002)

Suffolk Marriage Index Volume 14 Carlford and Wilford Deaneries (Suffolk FHS 2002)

Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS 2002
The People of Alford, Forbes and Tullynessle 1696
The Kirkyard of Cowie
Letters from the Glen. Glen Clunie, Braemar Scotland 1839-1871

September 2002

An Introduction to Using Computers for Genealogy. D Hawgood (FFHS 2002)
Ancient Civic Arms of the Province of St Petersburg (2002)
Armas. N. Williams (Coisceim 2001)
Basic Facts about Descendant Tracing. T Wood (FFHS 2002)
Current Publications on Microfiche by Members Societies (FFHS 2002)
Emigrants and Expats. A Guide to Sources on UK Emigration and Residents Overseas. R Kershaw (PRO 2002)
Family Photographs 1860-1945. R Pols (PRO 2002)
La Orden De Malta En Espana 1802-2002 (Palafox & Pezuela Madrid 2002)
The Lion of Finland. T. Talvio (National Board of Antiquities Helsinki 1999)
Searching For Surnames. J Titford. (Country Side Books 2002)
Surnames and Genealogy. A New Approach. G Redmonds (FFHS 2002)
Tracing the History of Your House. N Barratt (PRO 2002)
Using Criminal Records - PRO Pocket Guide (PRO 2002)
Was Your Grandfather A Railwayman. T Richards (FFHS 2002)

1851 Census Buckinghamshire (Buckinghamshire FHS) CD

1841 Census Cambridgeshire (Cambridgeshire FHS 2002) CD

1851 Census Index Vol 13.2 Cornelly, Cuby, St James, Tregony, Veryan, Ruan
Lanihorne (Ray Woodbine 2002)

1861 Census Index. Harwich RD (Essex FHS 2002) MF

Gazetteer. Finding That Place in Essex (Essex FHS 2002)

1891 Census Index Herefordshire Rural District (HEREFORD FHS 2002) CD

Heraldry in the Churches of the Peterborough Diocese Volume 10. Rural Deaneries of Wootton and Northampton (East Midlands Heraldry Society 2002)

Shropshire Burial Index (Shropshire FHS) CD

Surrey and Sussex
S. A. Raymond (FFHS 2002)
Surrey and Sussex: The Genealogists Library Guide 1 Information Sources for Surrey and Sussex Genealogists
Surrey and Sussex: The Genealogists Library Guide 3 Lists of Names
Surrey and Sussex: The Genealogists Library Guide 4 Administrative Records

1851 Census Index (S&N 2002) CD

1891 Census Index. Wharfedale & District (Wharedale Family History Group 2002) CD

A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before Confederation Volume 3. D Whyte (Ontario Genealogical Society)

August 2002

Tracing Your Ancestors in the Public Record Office. A Bevan (PRO 2002)

Barming St Margarets Prs (Kent FHS 2002) MF 1972
East Kent Parishes. A Guide for Genealogists, Local Historians and Other Researchers in the Diocese of Canterbury. D Wright (David Wright 2002)

Heraldry in the Churches of the Peterborough Diocese Volume IX Rural Deanery of
Brixworth (East Midlands Heraldry Society 2002)

Archdeaconry of Sudbury Probate Records 1801-1858 (BRS 118 2002)

Register of Baptisms, Burials and Marriages. Episcopal Congregation Muchalls CD (George Masson on Behalf of St Ternan's Vestry 2002)

Welsh Genealogies Ad 1400-1500 Additions And Corrections 3rd List. P.C. Bartrum (National Library of Wales 2002)

Welsh Genealogies Ad 300-1400 Additions And Corrections 7th List. P.C. Bartrum (National Library of Wales 2002)

Glamorgan FHS MF
1861 Census Cardiff, Caerphilly
1861 Census Merthyr Upper and Lower

July 2002

A Victorian Pedagogue and His Circle. C Jacob (Jacob Private Press 2002)
Collins Pocket Irish Dictionary (Harper Collins 1997)
Drawings of Monumental Brasses and Incised Slabs by the Waller Brothers 1837-1844. R Hutchinson (Monumental Brass Society 2001)
Finding Genealogy on the Internet. D Hawgood (David Hawgood 2002)
A Latin Glossary for Family and Local Historians. J Morris (FFHS 2002)
Making Use of the Census. S Lumas (PRO 2002)
Studies in Church Dedications of England's Patron Saints. Arnold-Foster 1899 (CD)

1851 Census Index. Volume 13.1 Probus, Ladock, Merther, St. Michael Penkevill and Lamorran. R Woodbine (2002)

Gloucestershire Burial Index (Gloucestershire FHS) CD

Lincolnshire FHS MF
Parish Register Burials East Elloe Deanery 1813-1900
Militia Ballot List for Kesteven 1824
Cemetery Register Burials Lincoln Canwick Road 1901-1938
Miscellaneous Nonconformist Memorial Inscriptions

London Silver Hilted Swords. L Southwick (Royal Armouries 2001)
London Apprenticeships Volume 36 Brewers Company 1531-1685. C Webb (SOG 2001)
London Apprenticeships Volume 37 Feltmakers' Company 1676-1682, 1692-1800 C Webb (SOG 2002)

Heraldry in the Churches of the Peterborough Diocese Volume VIII Rural Deanery of Wellingborough (East Midlands Heraldry Society 2002)

Nottinghamshire Record Series Vol 137 Nottinghamshire Easter Books (Nottinghamshire FHS 2002)

Sussex Record Society Vol 86 Edward Heron-Allens Journal of the Great War from
Sussex Shore to Flanders Fields (Sussex Record Society 2002)

June 2002

Biographica Navalis Volume 1-6. J Charnock (Faulder, London 1794 Reprint)
The American Census Handbook. Thomas J Kemp (SR Books 2001)
The Leybournes. A Family History Spanning Ten Centuries. Margaret Ward (2001)

1861 Census Index (Essex FHS) MF
West Ham Part 2
Colchester RD
Halstead RD
Romford, Dagenham and Hornchurch

Archaeologia Cantiana CXXII 2002 (Kent Archaeological Society)

1841-1891 Census Index Bepton and Didling (Sussex Family History Group)

1841 Census Index. Glamorgan. Complete (Glamorgan FHS 2002) CD

The People of Clatt and Kinnethmond 1696 (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS)

May 2002

James Pilkington Unitarian Minister of Ipswich and Derby. J Titford
Tracing Your Family History in Australia. N.V. Hall (Nick Vine Hall 2002)
Wellington College Register 1859-1973 (Old Wellingtonian Society 1975)

Berkshire Overseersí Papers 1654-1834 Volume 3 (Berkshire Record Society 1996)

1851 Census Index Volume 12 Part 3 St Teath and St Breward (Ray Woodbine 2002)

1861 Census Index (Essex FHS) MF
Barking, Ilford, East Ham, Billericay, West Ham, Witham RDs

Kent Family History Microfiche no 1962-1971

1851 Census Master Index (Leicestershire FHS) MF

Criminal London. A Pictorial History from Medieval Times to 1939. M Herber (Phillimore 2002)

Heraldry in Norfolk Churches Volume 1. K Mourin (Norfolk Heraldry Society 2001)

April 2002

1881 Census Canada (LDS 2002)
Basic Facts About Lunatics in England and Wales for Family Historians. P Faithfull (FFHS 2002)
British Vital Records 2nd Edition (LDS 2002)
Family History On The Web. An Internet Directory for England and Wales. S.A. Raymond (FFHS 2002)
Genealogical Research Directory 2002. K.A. Johnson and M.R. Sainty
Genealogical Resources within the Jewish Home and Family. R Wenzerul (FFHS 2002)
Local Newspapers 1750-1920. J Gibson, B Langston And B W Smith (FFHS 2002)
Record offices and How to Find Them. J Gibson and P Peskett (FFHS 2002)
Scottish Family History On The Web. S A Raymond (FFHS 2002)
Introduction to Tracing Your German Ancestors. P Towey (FFHS 2002)

Kent Family History Microfiche 1920-1961

Lincolnshire FHS Mf
Lincolnshire Masters and Apprentices 1711-1810
Lincolnshire Marriage Bonds and Allegations Volume 3 1754-1773
Burials Part of Calcewaith and Candleshoe Deaneries 1813-1900

1851 Census Index Priors Lee (Shropshire FHS 2001) MF

1871 Census Index. Guiseley with Carlton and Esholt

Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS
The People of Glenbucket, Cabrach and Invernochtie 1696
The Kirkyard of Newmachar
The People of Lochel, Cushney and Kinbetach 1696

March 2002

The Genealogical Services Directory 2002
Americans of Royal Descent. C H Browning (Clearfield 1911 reprint)
Probate Jurisdictions Where to Look for Wills. J Gibson and E Churchill (FFHS 2002)

1851 Census Index. Volume 12.2 Lanteglos, Advent, Davidstow, St Clether and Michaelstow. (Ray Woodbine 2002)

1861 Census Essex (Essex FHS) MF
Lexden, Maldon, Western Border, Orsett, Tendring, West Ham Part 1

Hampshire Burial Index 1400-1837 (Hampshire FHS) CD

Heraldry In The Churches Of Peterborough Diocese Volume 7 Peterborough Cathedral
Rural Deanery Of Peterborough (East Midlands Heraldry Society 2002)

Suffolk FHS
Suffolk Marriage Index, Volume 12 Hoxne Deanery
Suffolk Marriage Index. Volume 13 Loes and Orford Deaneries

1841-1891 Census Index. Cocking (Sussex Family History Group) MF

1851 Census CD (Wiltshire FHS 2002)

1891 Census Index. Otley (Wharfedale Family History Group 2001)

Parish Registers of Wales. C.J. Williams J Watts-Williams (National Library of Wales 2000)

1861 Census Index Aberdare and Gelligar (Glamorgan FHS) MF

February 2002

UK Info Disk 2002 (CD)
Register Of Appointments To The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. Dames Grand Cross, Knights Grand Cross, Dame Commanders and Knights Commanders 1917-2001. Philip Hancock (Philip Hancock 2001)
Pallot Marriage and Baptism Index. CD

Herefordshire 1851 Census Index. Complete CD (Herefordshire FHS 2001)

Nottinghamshire FHS 2002
Nottingham St Mary Baptisms 1653/4-1901 (mf)
Record Series Vol 135 Miscellany No 19

1851 Census Index. Brighton (Sussex Family History Group mf)

City Of York and District FHS MF
1891 Census Index Volume 1
Cleveland FHS MF
Baptism Register 1878-1947 Staithes Methodist Circuit
1891 Census Index
Thirsk District
Thirsk Area Pickhill and Sutton Sub Districts
Topcliffe District
Helmsley and Lastingham District
Oswaldkirk and Sinnington Sub Districts
Kirbymoorside District

Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS
The Kirkyards of Glenmuick, Glentanar and Kirkton of Aboyne
The People of Touch and Keig 1696
The Kirkyard of Birse
The Sims of Gourdas. Thomas, George and William Sim from Fyvie. Ian J Beaton

January 2002

Dictionary of Guns and Gunmakers. J. Walter (Greenhill Books, London 2001)
Fountains and Related Families (Edwin Fountain (2001)
Historic Parishes of England and Wales. R.J.R. Kain (Historic Data Service 2001)
One Place Genealogy. D. Hawgood (D. Hawgood 2001)

1851 Census Index. Cornwall. Volume 12.1 Otterham, Lesnewth, St Juliot, Mimster, Forrabury, Trevalga and Tintagel (Ray Woodbine 2001)

1851 Census Index. Derbyshire. Complete (Derbyshire FHS disc)

Heraldry in the Shire Hall Lancashire Castle. A.D. Walkden (2000)

Lincolnshire FHS
Lincolnshire FHS MF
Corringham Deanery Burials 1813-1900
Westwold Deanery Burials Part 2 1813-1900
Lincolnshire Rising Participants 1536 And Lincolnshire Church Bells Inscriptions
Some Methodist Membership Lists Horncastle and Grimsby Area 1769-1823

The Erpingham Window of Austin Friar Church Of St Michael Conisford. K Mourin (Norfolk Heraldry Society 2000)
The Heraldry of Howard. K Mourin (Norfolk Heraldry Society 2001)

Heraldry in the Churches of the Peterborough Diocese Volume VI Rural Deaneries of Barnack and Colby. (East Midlands Heraldry Society)

Wiltshire FHS MF
1851 Census Index. Wiltshire. Volume 17 Melkham and Trowbridge
1851 Census Index. Wiltshire. Volume 18 Hungerford
1851 Census Index. Wiltshire. Volume 19 Westbury

1851 Census Index. Brecknock. Complete (Powys FHS CD)
1851 Census Index. Glamorganshire. Complete (Glamorgan FHS CD)
1851 Census Index. Montgomeryshire. Complete (Powys FHS CD)
1861 Census Index. Radnorshire. Complete (Powys FHS CD)
1841 Census Index. Radnorshire. Complete (Powys FHS CD)

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