Latest Acquisitions 2005

November-December 2005

Births, Marriages And Deaths On The Web Part 1 Southern England, The Marches And Wales. S.A. Raymond (FFHS 2005)
Births, Marriages and Deaths on the Web Part 2 the Midlands, Northern England and East Anglia. S.A. Raymond (FFHS 2005)
Dating Twentieth Photographs. R Pols (FFHS 2005)
Genealogical Jargon for Family Historians. S.A. Raymond (FFHS 2005)
Medieval Genealogy. P CHAMBERS (Sutton Publishing 2005)
The Poll Taxes of 1377, 1379 and 1381 Part 3 Wiltshire-Yorkshire (OUP 2005)
The Registers of the Benedictine Schools for Girls at Ghent, Preston, Caverswall and Oulton 1624-1969 (Catholic FHS 2005)
Scottish Family History on the Web A Directory. S.A. Raymond (FFHS 2005)
Seymour Dawn. The Origins and Medieval History of the Seymour Family. R.F. Patterson (Anduma 1999)
Tracing Your Twentieth Century Family History. S.A. Raymond (FFHS 2005)
Victorian Churches and Churchmen. Ed S Gilley (Catholic Record Society 2005)

Phillimore Parish Registers Marriages Volume 1-7 (Archivecd Books) CD

Phillimore Parish Registers Marriages Volume 1-4 (Archivecd Books) CD

Notes on the Diocese of Gloucester by Chancellor Richard Parsons. Ed J. Fendley (Gloucestershire Record Series Volume 19) Bristol and (Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 2005)

Parish Registers Burials 1813-1900 Part of Grantham Deanery (Lincolnshire FHS) MF
Parish Registers Burials 1813-1900 Yarborough Deanery (Lincolnshire FHS 2005)

Norfolk Inquisitions Post Mortem 1235-1432 Index of Persons and Places (Norfolk Historical Aids 34)

Suffolk Marriage Index 1813-1837 Volume 17 Lothingland Deanery (Suffolk FHS)

September-October 2005

Coats of Arms of Modern Russia (Arms and Flags 2005)
Heraldry Books in the Hermitage (2005)

Berkshire Militia Men Enrolled 1807 and 1808 (Eureka Partnership 2005)
Berkshire Poll Book 1727 (Eureka Partnership 2005)

Bristol Burgess Book Volumes 1-21 (Bristol and Avon FHS) CD
Bristol Diocese Baptismal Registers Volume 1-7 1813-1837 (Bristol and Avon FHS) CD

West Kent Probate Index. Wills Diocese Rochester 1750-1858 (David Wright) CD

Lincolnshire Poor Law Index. Poor Law Miscellany Volume Four (Lincolnshire FHS) MF

Heraldry in the Churches of the Southwell Diocese Volume 1-4 (East Midlands Heraldry Society)

Doddington Parish Registers 1700-1812 (Northumberland FHS) MF
Longhoughton Parish Registers 1646-1812 (Northumberland FHS) MF

The Arun Series of West Sussex Parish Registers Volumes 1-27 (Parish Registers Transcription Society) MF + CD
Brighton Baptisms 1813-1837 (Sussex Family History Group) mf
Hastings Baptisms 1700-1877 (PBN Publications) CD
Woodmancote St Peter Parish Registers (Sussex Family History Group) mf
West Sussex Catholic Registers 1698-1800 (Sussex Family History Group) mf

Essil New Cemetery, Speymouth (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS)
Essil Old Cemetery, Speymouth (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS)
The Kirkyard of Foveran (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS)
Index to Register of Deeds 1696 (HMSO 1975)

July-August 2005

People Finder UK info Disk V11 (CD)

Kelly's 1914 Directory (Steve Garton) CD
Bedfordshire Parish Register Index (Bedfordshire FHS) CD

Kelly's 1925 Directory (Back to Roots) CD
Cambridgeshire Tax Payers on Male Servants 1780 (Cambridgeshire FHS) Mf
Silver Plate Tax Payers 1757-1766 and Defaulters 1767 and 1776 (Cambridgeshire FHS) Mf
Cambridgeshire Carriage Tax 1754-1766 (Cambridgeshire FHS) Mf
Cambridgeshire Deserters 1828-1845 (Cambridgeshire FHS) Mf
Cambridgeshire Poor Law Papers (Cambridgeshire FHS) CD

Kelly's 1904 Directory (Back to Roots) CD

Apprenticeship Indentures 1308-1929 (mf)
Post Office 1873 Directory (Back to Roots) CD
Robsons Commercial Directory (mf)
Wards Directory 1850 (mf)
Kelly's Directory 1873 (mf)

Poor Law Settlement Papers (Essex Record Office) mf

Kelly's 1914 Directory (Steve Garton) CD

Parish Registers Volume 5 (Kent FHS) CD
Leybourne St Peter and Paul MIs (Kent FHS) Mf
Headcorn St Peter and St Paul C1560-1899, M1560-1904 and B1560-1903 (Kent FHS) Mf
St Mary Kennington C1813-1900, M1813-1900 and B1813-1901 (Kent FHS) Mf

Norfolk Marriages 1813-1837 (Norfolk FHS) CD
Dart Parish Register Transcripts (Parish Register Transcription Society) CD

Post Office 1873 Directory (Back to Roots) CD
Marriages 1798-1812 (mf)

Oxfordshire Family Historian Volumes 1-11 (Oxfordshire FHS) CD

May-June 2005

The British 19th Century Surname Atlas (Archer Software) CD
Commissioned Officers In The Medical Services Of The British Army 1660-1960 (Wellcome Historical Medical Library 1968)
Genealogical Research Directory 2005
The Roman Family in the Empire (OUP 2005)
The Trafalgar Roll. R.H. Mackenzie (1913 reprint)

Phillimore's Marriage Index (Archive CD Books) CD
Kelly's Directory 1894 (Archive CD Books) CD
Kelly's Directory 1902 (Archive CD Books) CD

Phillimore's Marriage Index (Archive CD Books) CD

Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight Burial Register (Isle of Wight FHS) CD

Archaeologia Cantiana Volume CXV (Kent Archaeological Society 2005)

1851 Census Index Volume 59 Dalton, West Broughton And Hawkshead (Manchester And Lancashire Fhs)

Phillimore's Marriage Index (Archive CD Books) CD

Phillimore's Marriage Index (Archive CD Books) CD

Lincolnshire FHS mf
Poor Law Index Part 13.3 Lindsey QS 1821-1848
Lincolnshire Baptisms and Burials 1754-1812 Aveland and Ness Deanery
Lincolnshire Burials Grantham Cemetery Register 1901-1950

Phillimore's Marriage Index (Archive CD Books) CD

Phillimore's Marriage Index (Archive CD Books) CD

Phillimore's Marriage Index (Archive CD Books) CD

Kelly's Directory 1912 (Archive CD Books) CD

East Sussex Coroners' Records 1668-1838. R F Hunnisett (Sussex Record Society Volume 89)

Phillimore's Marriage Index (Archive CD Books) CD
Wiltshire Baptisms CD1 (Wiltshire FHS)
Wiltshire Baptisms CD2 (Wiltshire FHS)

Topographical Dictionary of Ireland 1837 (Archive CD Books Ireland) CD

New Zealand
New Zealand Probates Volume 1. An Index to Pre 1900 Records (New Zealand Society of Genealogist) mf
Wills at Land and Deed Office Wellington (New Zealand Society of Genealogist) mf
Electoral Roll 1893 (New Zealand Society of Genealogist) CD

March-April 2005

Basic Facts about the Wesleyan Methodist Historic Roll. R. Ratcliffe (FFHS 2005)
Basic Facts Methodist Records for Family Historians. R. Ratcliffe (FFHS 2005)
British History and Heritage on the Web. S.A. Raymond (FFHS 2005)
The Bulteels. The Story of a Huguenot Family. V Allen (Phillimore 2004)
Dating 19th Century Photographs. R. Pols (FFHS 2005)
Gids Voor Stamboomonderzoek. R. Vennick (Wilkerdon 2005)
The Foreign Office List 1937
The Medical Register 1934
A List of Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians 1881
South East England History and Heritage Handbook. P Marcan (Peter Marcan 2005)
The Thirlway Family of Darlington and Ripon (R.H. Thirlway 2005)
The Thirlway/Thirlwall Directory (R.H. Thirlway 2005)
Tracing Your Nineteenth Century Family History. S.A. Raymond (FFHS 2005)

A Heralica Em Portugal. M.A. Norton (Dislivro Historica 2004)
Le Guide De L' Heraldique. C Wenzler (Editions Quest-France 2002)
A Canadian Herladic Primer. K Greaves (Heraldry Society of Canada 2000)
The Grisaille and Heraldic Glass in the Chancel at Norbury Derbyshire. J E Titterton (John E Titterton 2004)
Ritterorden Sankt Stanislaus Gestiffet 1765. H. Neumuller (H. Neumuller 2004)

The Lost Houses of Derbyshire. M Craven and M Stanley (Maxwell Craven and Michael Stanley 2002)

Hastingleigh 1000-2000 AD. Berry Brian J.L. (Gateway Press 2002)

Shropshire Settlement Certificates (Shropshire FHS)
Shropshire Settlement Examinations (Shropshire FHS)
Shropshire Removal Orders 17th-19th Century (Shropshire FHS)
Shropshire Family History Journal Index Volumes 1-17 (Shropshire FHS) mf

The Diary of a Quack Doctor. Being the Last Diary of John Swift, Aurist of Newsome Huddersfield 1784-1851. J Stead (Huddersfield Local History Society Publications 2002)
St Mary's Church and Honley. B Etherington (Honley Civic Society 2004)

Irish Family History on the Web. S.A. Raymond (FFHS 2005)

Monumental Inscriptions Burghead Old Cemetery (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS 2005)
Monumental Inscriptions Botriphnie (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS 2005)

Treasury of Historic Pembrokeshire. F. Jones. (Bawdy Books. 1998)

January-February 2005

Birth, Marriage and Death. Ritual Religion and the Life-Cycle in Tudor and Stuart England. D Cressy (Oxford University Press 1997)
Bombay to Bloomsbury. A Biography of the Strachey Family. B Caine (OUP 2005)
Sir Thomas Stanhope of Shelford. Local Life in Elizabethan Times. B Cobbing and P Priestland (Ashbracken 2003)

Dictionary of British Arms. Medieval Ordinary Volume 1 and 2. T Woodcock, J Grant and I Graham (Society of Antiquaries 1996)
Burke's Landed Gentry of Great Britain. The Kingdom in Scotland (Burke's Peerage 2001)

Kelly's Directory of 1896 (Archive CD Books) CD
Kelly's Directory of 1906 (Archive CD Books) CD
Kelly's Directory of 1914 (Archive CD Books) CD
Kelly's Directory of 1923 (Archive CD Books) CD

Gloucestershire Family History Society Journal Issues 1-100 with Indexes (Gloucestershire FHS) CD

Kent FHS microfiche
2015. Asylesford St Peter and St Paul C1813-1863
2016 Boxley St Mary C1692-1837, M1754-1837, B1692-1830
2017 Lower Halstow Census 1851, 1861, 1871
2018 Lowe Halstow MIs
Kelly's Directory of 1930 (Archive CD Books) CD

Lincolnshire Family History Society mf
Lincolnshire Inquests Volume 2 1832-1880
Parish Register Burial Manlake Deanery Part 2
Parish Register Burials Louthesk Deanery Part 2

The Kirkyard of Cairnie (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS 2005)

Index of Some Passengers who emigrated to Canada between 1817 and 1849. J.A. Acton (Ontario Genealogical Society 1999)
Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Register out of Ontario 1826-1909 (Ontario Genealogical Society 2004)

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