Latest Acquisitions 2007

October-December 2007

An Ancient Squires Family’ the History of Aglionbys 1130-2002 (Bookcase 2007)
British Flags and Emblems. G Bartram (Tuckwell Press2007)
A Guide to Brookwood Military Cemetery
Debretts People of Today 2007 AND 2008. CD
Edward Lynton Scott. Diary and Paintings
The Lure of New Lands. P W Taylor (Bush Press 2004)
Prisoners’ Letters to the Bank of England 1781-1827. D Palk (London Record Society Volume XLII 2007)
The Shadow Of Marriage. Singleness In England 1914-1960. K Holden (Manchester University Press 2007)

Gloucestershire Cathedral Chapter Act Book 1616-1687 (Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 2007 Volume 21)

Wills at Hertford 1415-1858 (British Record Society 120)

Betteshanger St Mary C 1562-1812, M (inc BNS) 1571-1807, M 1565-1807 (Kent FHS) mf
Brooklands St Augustine C 1684-1878, M 1684-1943, BNS 1754-1812, B1684-1863 (Kent FHS) mf
Charing St Peter and St Paul C 1590-1965, M 1590-1905, BNS 1754-1823, B1590-1867 (Kent FHS) mf
Dover Street Remembered. (The Oaten Hill And District Society 1990)
Holman’s Of Canterbury. (The Oaten Hill and District Society1992)

Registers Of The Churches Of Savoy, Spring Garden And Les Grecs (Huguenot Society Vol 26 1922)

Norfolk Pedigrees part 2 (Norfolk genealogy Volume 8 1976)
Great Yarmouth Apprenticeships Indentures 1563-1665 (Norfolk Genealogy Volume 11 1979)

Lincolnshire Baptism and Burials 1754-1812 Bolingbroke Deanery Part 1 and 2 (Lincolnshire FHS)

Aberdeen School Board Female Teachers 1872-1901 A Biographical List. A.T Mccall (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS 2007)
The Kirkyard of Newhills. S.M. Spiers (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS 2007)
Strands of Seeweed. The Story of a Ross Family in Aberdeen. W Ross Napier (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS 2007)

Social Change and Everyday Society in Ireland 1850-1922. C Clear (Manchester University Press 2007)

August-September 2007

Caesars of the Wilderness. The Story of the Hudson Bay Company Volume 1. Peter C Newman (Penguin 1987)
The Chronicles of the Tudor Queens. D Loades (Sutton 2002)
Company of Adventurers. The Story of the Hudson Bay Company Volume 2. Peter C Newman (Penguin1985)
Cruden’sComplete Concordance to the Old and New Testaments and the Apocrypha. (Frederick Warne 1891)
Her Majesty’s Tower. H Dixon (Casssell 1901)
Humphrey Belt plus Five Generations. Jefferson D Belt (2007)
Memoirs of Sir John Reresby. A Browning (Royal Historical Society 1991)
Die Uhrmacher-Und Goldschmiedefamilie Abeler Ihre Vorfahren Und Ihre Verwandten. Bearbeitet Und Herausgegeben Von Jurgen Abeler (1998)
Writing Local History. J Beckett (Manchester University Press) 2007

Kent Parish Registers Volume 9 (Kent FHS 2007)

Monumental Inscriptions: Harlaxton, Londonthorpe and Old Burial Ground, Manthorpe and Grantham. (Lincolnshire FHS) mf

City Of London Settlement Examination Volume 1 St Botolph Aldgate 1742-1786 (West Surrey FHS) CD

Oxfordshire Monumental Inscriptions (Oxfordshire FHS) CD

Oxfordshire Family Historian Volumes 1-11 (Oxfordshire FHS) CD

Records of the Borough of Nottingham 1155-1900 (Archive CD Books) CD

Strathaven Baptisms 1838-1849

March-July 2007

Captain James Fairweather. Whaler and Shipmaster. Nancy Rycroft (2005)
The Correspondence of James Peter Coghlan (1731-1800). (Catholic Record Society)
Genealogical Research Directory 2007. CD

Heraldry in Norfolk Churches Volume 3. Norfolk Heraldry Society 2004

The History of the Mill Family of North Devon. S.M.Blazier

Two Cemeteries from Bristol’s Northern Suburbs. M.Watts. (Cotswold Archaeology)
Archives & Local History in Bristol & Gloucestershire. D Smith. (Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society 2007)

Marriage Index 1538-1837 (Herefordshire FHS) CD
Monumental Inscriptions (Herefordshire FHS) CD

Kent Parish Registers Volume 8 (Kent FHS) CD
Archaelogia Cantiana CXXVII (Kent Archaeological Society 2007)

St Mary Mulberry Street Baptism Register 1820-1860 (Catholic Family History Society) CD

Christ Church Southwark Marriage Register 1781-1792 A Reconstruction. C Webb

Yorkshire Probate. C.Blanshard Withers. (Yorkshire Wolds Publication 2007)

Lincolnshire Baptisms & Burials 1754-1812 Bolingbroke Deanery. MF
Parish Register Burials from 1813 Beltisloe Deanery. MF

Scottish Book Plates. B.N Lee and Ilay Campbell (The Bookplate Society 2006)

January-February 2007

Basic Facts about Quarter Session Records. R Ratcliffe (FFHS 2007)
Finding Out About Your Family History. K Chater and S Fowler (FFHS 2006)
Introducing Family History. S.A. Raymond (FFHS 2006)
Nelson’s Navy 1793-1815. K Gregson (FFHS 2006)
The Second World Ward 1939-1945. P Tomaselli (FFHS 2006)
The Mohn Papers Volume 1-5 (CD)

Causton, Caston and Cason Heraldry and Genealogy - Some Seals, Crest and Shields. J Causton
The Heraldry of Smithills Hall Bolton. M Howe (2006)
Societa Italiana Di Studi Araldici. Stemmario (Societa Italiana Di Studi Araldici 2006)
Suomalaisia Vaakunoita. (Suomen Heraldinen Seura Ry 2006)

Miscellaneous Series of IHGS Parish Registers Derbyshire (Parish Register Transcription Society) CD

Glamorganshire Burial Index 1569-1841 (Glamorganshire FHS) CD

The Hampshire Family Historian Master Index Volumes 1-25 (Hampshire Genealogical Society) mf

Post Office Directory 1870 (Yesteryears Genealogy Supplies) CD

Chief Citizens Of Canterbury A List Of Portreeve From A.D. 780 until C1100, Of Prepositi From The 12th Century Until 1448 And Of Mayors From 1448-1979 And Sheriffs From 1461. William Urry et al.

Miscellaneous Series of IHGS Parish Registers Leicestershire (Parish Register Transcription Society) CD

Lincoln Canwick Road Cemetery Burials 1958-1985 (Lincolnshire FHS) MF
Lincolnshire Baptisms and Burials Beltisloe Deanery Part 2 1754-1812 (Lincolnshire FHS) MF
Miscellaneous Series of IHGS Parish Registers Lincolnshire (Parish Register Transcription Society) CD

The London Probate Index 1750-1858 A-E (David Wright) CD

Heraldry in the Churches of the Southwell Minster Volume 5-8
Miscellaneous Series of IHGS Parish Registers Nottinghamshire (Parish Register Transcription Society) CD

Post Office Directory 1870 (Yesteryears Genealogy Supplies) CD

Warwickshire Poor Law Records (Midlands Historical Data) CD

Worcestershire Monumental Inscriptions (BMSGH) CD

Miscellaneous Series of IHGS Parish Registers Yorkshire (Parish Register Transcription Society) CD
Sculcoates Burials 1813-1831. (East Yorkshire FHS)
Sculcoates Monumental Inscriptions. (East Yorkshire FHS)
Sutton on the Hull Monumental Inscriptions. (East Yorkshire FHS)

Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS 2006
The Diary of Robert Lees. Early 19th Century Life in Old Stone Haven. J McCausland
The Cemetery of Peterculter
The Kirkyard of St Combs Parish of Lonmay
Monumental Inscriptions Urquart New Cemetery and Innes House Burial Ground
Monumental Inscriptions Spynie Churchyard New Spynie
The Kirkyard of St John’s Parish of Gamrie

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