Latest Acquisitions 2010

October-December 2010

13th International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences (The Heraldry Society 2010) CD
28th International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences (2010) CD
The Coati Sable. The Story of a Herald. Peter Gwynn-Jones (2010)
Heraldry in the Churches of the English Midlands (The Heraldry Society 2010) CD
Heraldry in Norfolk Churches Volume V Breckland Deanery (Norfolk Heraldry Society 2010) CD

Berkshire Burial Index 9th Edition (Berkshire FHS 2010) CD
Berkshire Coroners Index 1688-1926 (Berkshire FHS 2009) CD

The Court Books of the Manor of Cheltenham 1692-1903 (Gloucestershire Record Series Vol 24)
Bristol Burial Index 1813-1837 (Bristol and Avon FHS 2006) CD

Hampshire Marriage Index 1660-1753 (Hampshire Genealogical Society) CD

Leicestershire and Rutland Wills Index (Leicestershire and Rutland FHS) CD

Lincolnshire Baptism and Burials Cleethorpes Deanery 1754-1812 (Lincolnshire FHS) MF
Lincolnshire Baptism and Burials Haverstoe Deanery 1754-1812 (Lincolnshire FHS) MF

London Inhabitants Outside the Walls 1695 (London Record Society 45 2010)
London and Middlesex Burial Registers (West Surrey FHS) CD

Surrey Marriages to 1837 4th Edition (West Surrey FHS) CD

The Middleton Papers. The Financial Problems of a Yorkshire Recusant Family in the 16th And 17th Centuries (Yorkshire Archaeological Society 2010)

The Kirkyard of Ellon (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS)

July-September 2010

Bishop Herbert Vaughan and the Jesuits. Education and Authority. M J Broadley (Catholic Record Society Volume 82 2010)

Heraldic Badges in England and Wales Volumes 1-4. M P. Siddons (Society of Antiquaries 2009)
L'Art Heraldique au Moyen Age. M Pastoureau (Seuil 2009)
Lord Crawford's Armorial. A.M Findlater (Heraldry Society of Scotland 2008)

Armorials from Earliest Times to the Start of the 18th
Century or Aspilogia Scoticana. A.M Findlater (Heraldry Society of Scotland 2006)

The Parish Registers of All Saints Castle Camps, All Saints Horseheath and St Mary Shudy Camps (Cambridgeshire FHS) CD

The Essex Family Historian Issues 1-100 (Essex Society for Family History) CD
Essex Poor Law Documents (Essex Society for Family History) CD

Introduction to Catholic Southampton. R.E. Scantlebury (Catholic FHS 2010) CD

The Victoria County History of Kent Volumes 1-3
A History of Bearsted and Thurnham
Removal and Settlement in Ash 1670-1834. A.E. Newman

Spas, Wells and Pleasure Gardens of London. J.S. Curl (Historical Publications 2010)

Portknockie Heritage Map (Cullen, Deskford and Portknockie Heritage Group) 2010

March-June 2010

Birth and Baptism Records for Family Historians. S A Raymond (Family History Partnership 2010)
Churchill's Children. The Evacuee Experience in Wartime Britain. J Welshman (OUP 2010)
English Churches Explained. T Yorke (Countryside Books 2010)
Flying Flags in the United Kingdom (Flag Institute 2010)
Marriage Records for Family Historians. S A Raymond (Family History Partnership 2010)
The National Burial Index 3rd Edition (FFHS) CD
Penguin Dictionary Of British Surnames. J Titford (Penguin 2009)
Welchman Chronicles. J D Welchman 2010)
Your Life Story. Writing Your Life Story Fro Family and Friends. C Gilchrist (2010)

The Armorial of Haiti (College of Arms 2007)
The Heraldry of Foreigners in England 1400-1700 (Harleian Society NS 19 2010)

Bristol Diocese Burial Registers Volume 3. Index and Transcripts 1754-1812. (Bristol and Avon FHS) CD
A Grand City - Life, Movement and Work. Bristol in the 18th and 19th> Centuries (Bristol and Avon Archaeological Society 2010)

Herefordshire Taxes in the Reign of Henry VIII. M.A. Faraday (2005)

Lincolnshire Baptism and Burials 1754-1812 Grantham Deanery Part 1 and 2 (Lincolnshire FHS) MF

Faversham Town books 1251-1581. D Harrington & P Hyde (History Research 2008)
Kent Parish Registers Volume 12, 13 and 14 (Kent FHS) CD

The A-Z of Edwardian London (London Topographical Society 2007)
Miscellaneous London District Transcripts Volume 2 (Catholic FHS 2010) CD

Researching Scottish History. C Paton (Family History Partnership 2010)
Scottish Family History on the Web. S.A. Raymond (Family History Partnership 2010)
The Kirkyard of Gartly (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS)
The Kirkyard of Banchory-Devenick (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS)
The Kirkyard of Oyne (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS)

January-February 2010

An 18th Century Secretary at War the Papers of William Viscount Barrington. T. Hayter (Army Records Society 1988)
After the Victorians the World Our Parents Knew. A.N. Wilson (Arrow Press 2005)
A Calendar of the Cartularies of John Pyel and Adam Fraunceys (Royal Historical Society 1993)
The Elizabethan Journal 1591-1603. G. B. Harrison (Routledge 1938)
Harper’s Pictorial History of the Civil War (1866 Facsimile)
A Jacobean Journal 1603-1606. G. B. Harrison (Routledge 1946)
John Peebles American War 1776-1782. I. D. Gruber (Army Records Society 1997)
A Life of Dougal. F. Feather and M. Lockwood (Essex Society For Family History 2010)
Lord Chelmsford’s Zululand Campaign 1878-1879. J.P.C Laband (Army Records Society 1994)
Naval Chronicle 1793 — 1798. N. Tracy (Chatham 1998)
Paupers and Pig Killers. The Diary of William Holland A Somerset Parson 1799-1812. J. Ayres (Sutton Publishing 2003)
Pepys’s Later Diaries. C.S. Knighton (Sutton 2004)
Roberts In India. The Military Papers of Field Marshall Lord Roberts 1876-1893 B. Robson (Army Records Society 1993)
Royal Mistresses and Bastards. Fact and Fiction 1714-1936. (Anthony Camp 2007)
A Second Jacobean Journal 1607-1610. G. B. Harrison (Routledge 1958)
Uncertain Unions and Broken Lives. L. Stone (OUP 1995)

Dictionary of British Arms. Medieval Ordinary Volume 3. T. Woodcock & S. Fowler (Society of Antiquaries 2009)

The Baptism Registers of St Anne’s Junction St Manchester 1848-1874 (Catholic FHS 2009) CD
Lancashire Catholic Wills 1492-1894 (Catholic 2010 FHS) CD

Lincolnshire Baptism and Burial Index Graffoe Deanery Parts 1- 3 1754-1812 (Lincolnshire FHS) MF

The Duke of Norfolk’s Deeds at Arundel Castle. Properties In London and Middlesex 1154-1917 (Phillimore 2010)
London A Pilgrimage. B.J And G. Dore (Anthem Press 2005)
London Labour and the London Poor. H Mayhew (Penguin 1985)
Unknown London. W.G. Bell (Bodley Head 1951)

Minor Burial Grounds of Lower Donside (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS 2009)
The Kirkyard of Kintore (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS 2009)
The Kirkyard of Kinellar (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS 2009)
James Jopp. A Man of Compassion 1795-1872. P Buckingham (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS 2009)
Letters from Regency Scotland (Aberdeen and NE Scotland FHS 2009) CD

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