Examinations - Sample Papers

In order to assist in finding the right level of examination for a candidate we have made sample papers of all our graded assessments available. If using the sample papers as a practice run for an examination we recommend that you take them under exam conditions with no secondary sources available within the time limit given on the paper.

Click on a title below for a PDF format file. Right click and use 'Save Target' to save the file to your desktop.

  • Graded Assessments test knowledge of topics in the syllabus:
    Graded Assessment A for topics 1-6
    Graded Assessment B for topics 1-9
    Graded Assessment C for topics 1-17
  • Certificate in Genealogy:
    Topics 1-24
  • The Higher Certificate in Genealogy is for students with both theoretical and practical experience. Those on the correspondence course do not need to sit the Higher Certificate paper 2 but can choose instead to have the overall mark from their assignments on the course to be submitted. Correspondence Course Students must sit paper 1 to obtain the Higher Certificate.
    Higher Certificate Paper 1
    Higher Certificate Paper 2
  • Those who have achieved the Higher Certificate can progress towards the Diploma in Genealogy.
    Diploma Specimen paper

For further details of all the assessments and qualifications please visit the relevant pages using the links on the left.

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